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Milton Keynes ME Group (MK MEG) is a self-help support group for people with:

ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (or Encephalopathy)
CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
PVFS Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome
FMS Fibromyalgia Syndrome

and their carers, in the Milton Keynes area.

MK MEG is affiliated to Action for ME.

ME, CFS and PVFS are alternative names for the same illness. FMS is the more commonly used term for this type of illness in the USA. There is debate among the medical profession about whether ME/CFS/PVFS and FMS are all the same illness, or whether FMS is a separate condition with similar symptoms.

The major symptoms of all 4 conditions are long-lasting, excessive fatigue, which is not relieved by "a good night's sleep" and is made worse by exercise, muscle pain, sleep problemsand problems with short-term memory and concentration.

MK MEG meets once a month - most meetings are informal get-togethers, where we chat and catch up on each other's news. Sometimes we have a speaker, on a subject related to ME or on a topic of general interest. There are always refreshments (tea/coffee/biscuits etc).

The Illnesses page contains more information about ME/CFS/PVFS/FMS. Coping gives tips for both sufferers and carers on coping with the illnesses.  The Group explains how MK MEG works and gives information about its activities, while Contact Us gives details of the ways in which you can get in touch with MK MEG.  What's New? lists our meetings and any up-coming events.  Links provides contact details for other useful organisations. 

We also have a Webshop , through which you can buy goods from many well-known companies such as M & S, Amazon etc.  There is no extra cost to you, but purchases made through our webshop earn a small commission for MK MEG.  The webshop now has improved search facilities, to make it easier to find what you want. 
We are also a member of "Localgiving", a website that allows you to make Donations direct to MK MEG, including tax relief on your donation if you are a UK tax-payer.

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