About Us

An introduction for visitors to our group.

MKMEG was founded in 1998 following the demise of a previous support group and with the encouragement of MK Community Foundation.  A cash grant from MKCF also helped to establish MKMEG as the primary local support group for sufferers of ME, CFS, FMS and PVFS – all invisible yet highly debilitating illnesses.

We estimate that in the Borough of Milton Keynes there may be up to 700 sufferers of these conditions to a greater or lesser extent.  A majority may not have a full diagnosis – apart from being ‘TATT’ or ‘Tired all the time’ as often described to doctors.  This tiredness or lack of ‘go’ or energy may be diagnosed as depression or other physical or mental illness – often psychiatric in nature.  Anti-depressants are prescribed, which may treat or manage the symptoms to some extent.  Mild anti-depressants may aid sleep – which is often unrefreshing.  Even so, the underlying condition (whether mental or physical in nature) is unrelieved and continues indefinitely.

MKMEG does not claim to have any generic ‘cure’ or solution to offer members.  We do however believe that by supporting each other in our day-to-day situations  and acting in a spirit of friendship we can reduce the strain and stress that living with an invisible and chronic condition brings to all.


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